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Studio 1, Belgrave Hall

8- hour Basics Course - £300

Learn the basics through my mini-projects and come away with 4 pieces of jewellery and all the jewellery making skills to make jewellery from home.

8- hour Basics Course - £300
8- hour Basics Course - £300

Time & Location

Please contact us to arrange a date

Studio 1, Belgrave Hall, Church Rd, Belgrave, Leicester LE4 5PE, UK


This course is for those starting out on their jewellery making journey and those who know a little but would like a refresh.  

Learn the basics through my own LEARN-PRACTICE-ASK method. 

Why should I go on this course, I hear you ask? Well, this is what I desperately needed when I was starting out.

So, what's different about this course? Well, it's based on my own personal experience and what worked for me.  I wanted to create a course that not only supported you in-person but also supported you away from the studio. I wanted to give you time to practice and ask questions along the way over an eight-week period.  NOT a quick 'learn the basics in a day' approach.

I call this my Learn-Practice-Ask method:-

  • learn in the studio
  • practice from home
  • ask questions

Now, if you're like me, I want to have a clear tangible outcome at the end of each session namely a piece of jewellery. With that in mind, I have created four 2-hour sessions.  In each session you will MAKE A PIECE OF JEWELLERY and learn basic skills and techniques along the way.   By the end of the course, you will have all the basic skills under your belt, four pieces of jewellery and the experience to make pieces of jewellery from home!

I would be absolutely thrilled to support you along your jewellery making journey. This is the PERFECT way for me to do so.

Here's a SNAPSHOT of what's waiting for you inside this course:

  • A tried and tested approach to learning the basics, based on my own personal experience.
  • Four mini- 2-hour projects:- mini-project one: Make a ring mini-project two: Make a bangle mini-project three: Make a pendant mini-project four: Make a pair of Earrings
  • Expert advice and guidance from me throughout the course and the opportunity to ask questions relating to setup, techniques and anything jewellery making.

Dates & Times:-

  • Each two-hour session can be scheduled between 10am - 4pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Recommended Course Structure:-

  • To make the most of these sessions, we suggest each session be taken over a four week period.
  • To have a home setup to practice (you will receive a guide on how to set one up before the course begins)

What’s included:-

  • All tools and equipment
  • Tutoring and guidance
  • Refreshments: Hot & Cold drinks
  • Copper - enough for each project
  • Home Setup Guide

What you will learn:-

  • The design process
  • Understanding sheet and wire and how they are used in jewellery making.
  • Measuring and sizing: making custom sizes
  • Texturing onto metal using the rolling mill, hammers, stamping etc
  • Annealing and soldering techniques
  • Cutting techniques including sawing and piercing and cutting tools ie disc cutters
  • Forming metal using tools and techniques including the use of mandrels, doming blocks and punches
  • Filing and polishing - creating different finishes
  • ordering metal and buying tools from top suppliers
  • Setting up a Home Workspace

Available to buy

If you would prefer to make your piece in recycled sterling silver, it is available to buy.


Free parking on church road

Health & Safety in the studio

As jewellers we work with tools, heat and chemicals.  We will run through health & safety in the workspace so you can familiarise yourself with how to safely use the studio without any incidents. As jewellers we are human and can make mistakes.  But having the knowledge of the equipment and tools being used will help you to enjoy the process of jewellery making in a safe environment.

Some of the safety precautions to consider are:

Always wear closed-toed shoes

Please be sure to wear closed-toed shoes when making jewellery as we work around chemicals, heat and tools (no slippers, sandals or flip flops)

Equipment, tools, equipment & safety sheets

Familiarise yourself with equipment, tools and safety instructions for any chemicals or compounds used in jewellery making

SO, if you'd like to continue learning, just click the button below. I can't wait to keep supporting you! 

To enquire and book a time that suits, please use the contact form, email: or mobile: 07547739973 to get in touch. 


  • 8-Hour Basics Course

    Learn the basics through my mini 2-hour projects and come away with 4 pieces of jewellery and all the jewellery making skills to make jewellery from home.




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